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Pike Lumber Company, Inc.
PO Box 247
Akron, IN  46910

We are continuously looking for a few good men and women to join the Pike Forestry Team. In general, there are two areas: 1- Forestland Management - Pike currently owns and manages over 100 tracts of company forestland and manages thousands of acres for private forestland owners. Our Forestland Management Team is headquartered at our Carbon, Indiana facility. Individuals with a BS in Forest Management or equivalent may find this of interest. 2- Procurement - If you have a BS in Forestry or equivalent, enjoy working with a variety of people and a variety of forests; this may be the position for you. Pike has three central locations and two regional locations from which our Procurement Foresters work. In the Northern part of Indiana, Akron is the central location with a regional offices located in Auburn, Indiana and Niles, Michigan. In the West-central part of Indiana, Carbon is the central location. In the Southeast part of Indiana, Milan is the central location.

Individuals with degrees in Forest Products, Sales and Marketing, or Business might find a position in our Sales Department interesting. Located in Akron, Indiana, the Sales Team sells our hardwood lumber product to a wide variety of end using manufacturers and distribution yards throughout the United States and overseas.

With some of the industry’s most modern equipment, Pike needs top quality managers throughout the production cycle keeping things running smoothly. Individuals with degrees in Business, Organizational Leadership, Operations Management or Forest Products may find the challenges of operating a modern sawmill and distribution center more to their liking.

Administrative opportunities exist at both the Akron and Carbon locations. Individuals with Business backgrounds are needed to support all of the other production areas.

Individuals interested in Lumber Inspection can work at either the Akron, Carbon or Milan locations. Training for lumber inspectors occurs at Pike as well as through the National Hardwood Lumber Association Lumber Grading School located in Memphis, Tennessee.

Pike’s saw filing staff are highly trained individuals whose attention to detail keeps the sawmill humming. Almost all of Pike’s filers are trained in-house.

Pike Sawyers are extensively trained in-house in the manufacture of grade lumber at both the head saw and the line-bar re-saw. Experience in this skill is essential to hardwood lumber manufacturing.

The IT Support Specialist will be responsible for directing the company’s computer networking system, including installation/removal/updating of software and hardware, and support services for network devices and phone systems.  This individual also ensures backups are completed daily, and develops and monitors appropriate security procedures to safeguard the system from unauthorized use and physical harm.

 We currently use Microsoft and IBM based products.  Thus, the successful candidate will have significant knowledge and experience in these areas.  While a degree in Computer Science, or MIS is preferred, substantial hands on experience may be substituted.