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Common Name: White Ash
Latin Name: Fraxinus Americana
Characteristics of the Tree: The tree grows up to about 18m(60ft) in height, and has a trunk diameter of about 750mm(2ft 6in).
Characteristics of the Wood: The strong, shock-resistant wood is ring-porous, with a distinct figure. It has course and generally straight grain with an almost white sapwood and pale brown heartwood, similar to European Ash. It is a good wood for steam bending.
Common Uses: Joinery, boatbuilding, sports equipment, tool handles, flooring, cabinetry, millwork, plywood and veneer.
Workability: Excellent; works well with hand and machine tools and can be brought to a fine surface finish, glues well.
Finishing: It accepts stain well and can be polished to a fine finish.
Average Dry Weight: 670kg/m3 (42lb/ft3).
Source Information: "Collins Good Wood Guide", Harper/Collins Publishers

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5,400' 4/4 FAS/Select Unselected
12,000' 5/4 FAS/Select Unselected
3,700' 5/4 #1 Common
9,200' 6/4 FAS/Select S1F&Btr 6'-10'
5,100' 6/4 FAS/Select Unselected 11'-16'
4,500' 7/4 FAS/Select Unselected
12,000' 8/4 FAS/Select Unselected 9'-16'
1,500' 8/4 FAS/Select Brown
1,900' 8/4 #2 Common
6,500' 12/4 FAS/Select Unselected


Primary Species


Secondary Species