Seller’s Testimonials

We were so impressed by the care the team showed in our woods. Everyone who has gone hunting in our woods had been telling us horrible stories about how others left their woods. They agree your business is tops!
The careful removal of logs, brush not in the drives, nice wide paths and easy access to tops and log ends is super! The prompt payment was appreciated. We were prepared to wait a few weeks.
It was a great experience doing business with your team.

-The Gerens, Bryan, OH


Mr. Sheets, from your first phone call and meeting, I knew your company was trustworthy, along with being professional. I appreciate the care you and your crew took when harvesting the trees from our woods. Thanks for doing a great job to you and your whole company. Trees are like any other crop, they must be taken care of and managed. I recommend Pike Lumber Company’s services to anyone that needs trees harvested. Thanks!
-Roland Kerr, Wolcottville, IN


After having one of our woods logged by a previous company, years ago, we were apprehensive to do so again.  However, our experience with Pike Lumber was completely different.  The forester, Erick Nickerson, and the harvest crew through proper timing and attentiveness left minimal impact to our woods and surrounding crop fields.  Shortly after the timber was harvested you couldn’t even tell Pike had been present.  We already have plans to work with Pike in the future.
 -Kim Fisher, Monroe, IN

We, at Holiday Rest Campground, would like to express our satisfaction with the job Pike Lumber did with our woods. We have approx. 100 acres that were logged last month and the expertise and knowledge of Paul Myers and the workers who were here was awesome. Paul even gave us an education on the forest and why it needs to be logged. The men taking the trees out were friendly and courteous and didn’t mind letting us stand in a safe area to watch some of the work. Thank you for a job well done and we will contact you again in our future woods management.
-Lee Richardson, owner; Patty Richardson, Manager

I was appreciative of the great attention to detail of Pike’s harvesting crews. They were thoughtful and precise when felling trees and always took steps to avoid or minimize forest damage. Pike also left the woods in terrific shape by implementing Best Management Practices and re-grading skid trails and roads. Finally, I was impressed with the prompt and clear communication by all Pike employees and their eagerness to make sure I was satisfied with the project from start to end.
-Alan Gauger

Dr. Howard and I would like to thank you for the ease and even pleasure of doing a cutting with all your crew and representatives. I realize, of course, that our timber contract (here on our clinic property on State Road 114) was a very tiny one and may not serve your memory at all. However, it is important to me that you understand our appreciation of professionalism and courtesy extended by J. H. Northrop, all your telephone people in the office, and especially your cutting and loading crew.

I spent the first 41 years of my life in south Louisiana, where soft pine is a huge timber crop. We were accustomed to clear cutting of pine forests. It was truly revolting and sickening and deserved the lingual endearment of “Land Rape!” Your company did no such thing in the least! What a pleasant surprise! On top of the care given to preserve the land and give it a true land management cut, all your personnel were kind and courteous. KUDOS!  Thanks ever so much and we will highly recommend your organization to any and all in the future to come.
-Dr. Bill N. Howard & Tammy Bone, Akron Animal Clinic

The Boys & Girls Club of Wayne County has been working with Kirk Jones of the Pike Lumber Company for over five years. Our relationship began through a referral from another landowner who had a positive experience with him. Our organization owns a 168-acre camp.

Approximately 100 acres of the camp are timber stand, including some valuable hardwood. Working with Kirk, we were able to create a long-term management plan that included timber stand improvement, selected harvests, and improvement for camping purposes. Also, Kirk provided to our youth members the educational aspects of timber stand management. Kirk has been patient and productive in working with our board members, staff, and adjacent land owners.

Kirk’s attitude with us has always been one that promotes a long term relationship that is productive for all parties involved. He has erased all concerns we had regarding working within the timber industry. He has proven to be a good steward of our resources. We have been extremely pleased with our relationship with Kirk Jones as a representative of Pike Lumber Company.
-Bruce E. Daggy, Boys & Girls Club of Wayne County

Based on what I have seen, I would like to say this is the cleanest job of timbering I have ever seen. I will be happy to recommend you to other timber owners.
-Orlin Burkett


I was well pleased with what you did and I always think that you have been fair, more than fair with us.
-Mary Coble

Not only did Paul Branch purchase timber from my family in 1993 and 1999, he was instrumental in helping me to purchase an 80 acre tract of land which has provided a great deal of recreation, plus some income.

When this place came up for sale, Paul walked through it with me and provided a rough estimate of the timber value. I used this information to determine the fair market value of the property. I have known Erick for as long as he has been with your company. He and Paul make a great team.
-Mark Robbins


Paul Branch and Erick Nickerson treat my 50 year old family woods as if it were their own.
-Kevin Grandstaff


I chose Pike Lumber Company to manage my 35 acres of woodland primarily because the company has a reputation for woodland preservation and ecology. A Pike forester provided a detailed inventory of my trees and a plan for harvest that maintains the forest in optimum growing condition.

He is a degreed forester, knowledgeable and enthusiastic about Pike Lumber’s approach.

Pike provides several management options to fit any landowner’s goals. The primary harvest was timely and carried out just as he had described with a post cutting re-measurement and value calculation of all cut timber.

It’s nice to know that I can profit from my forest ownership and still maintain a thriving, beautiful woods.
-Fred Kreiter


We appreciate the fairness, honesty and professionalism of the folks we work with at Pike Lumber Company and their caring for the future of our forests.
-Dale & Lois Foster


I was very pleased with the service and the prices we received for our timber from Pike Lumber Company.

Paul Myers did a very professional job of pricing and overseeing the job. I might add, we were pleasantly surprised with a larger check than estimated. I would recommend Paul Myers and Pike Lumber Company for anyone wishing to sell their timber.
-Mark Boetjer


Pike Lumber Company assists in the management of our company forest land.

The area representative is a hard working forester who is concerned with our goals and best practices for the forest. We believe him to be very trustworthy and professional.
-Jordan Tatter


Our experience with Pike Lumber was nothing less than exceptional. Every member of their organization from foresters to harvesters to the horse-drawn skidding crew to the log truck operators were friendly, professional, and courteous.

We appreciated their obvious concern for the welfare of our woods and property. We highly recommend the honesty and integrity of Pike Lumber Company.
-Eric, Laura, Logan and Cailyn Pentecost


We would like to take a moment to express how pleased we are with Pike Lumber Company. From the buyer with whom we first met to the truck drivers who hauled the logs away, everyone was extremely polite and friendly. Our two year-old grandson enjoyed watching to work and your men were wonderful with him, showing him the equipment and talking with him. The workmen were also very respectful to us and our property. They took great care to leave it in the best condition possible. We were quite pleased with the compensation as well as the promptness with which the check was received.
-Jerry & Marilyn Hixon


Dear Mr. Nickerson,

I went against the advice of my brother and did not call a local neighborhood buyer in regard to harvesting timber on several acres of land that I own in Northwest Ohio. Instead, I responded to a “No Obligation” offer to have my woods surveyed by Pike Lumber. I am very pleased that I made the decision that I did.

When you and your assistant arrived on scene as scheduled, you took me on an extensive walking tour of my entire forested area and showed me which trees were ripe for harvesting, which ones were past their prime, and more importantly, which ones should remain standing to cause the wooded area to flourish over the next generation. You also taught me how to evaluate a tree’s health and whether it was hollow. In addition, trees were pointed out that should stand (the Hard Maple with the beehive is a good example) and which trees should be sacrificed so more valuable trees would not be damaged as they were felled.

You also provided me with information as to how different species of trees differ in value and how each tree is individually graded in order to reap the best possible harvest value. After the walking survey, I was provided with detailed information as to the expected value of the harvest by species, and a realistic harvesting schedule.

I also appreciated your attending to a neighbor’s later concern that marked trees may have been on his land. As we discussed, one of my requirements for going ahead with the harvest was that the neighbors not be harmed in any way. Thank you for contacting him personally and completely resolving his concern.

During harvest week, a cutting supervisor gave me a call to let me know what was to happen. I didn’t expect that but did appreciate his call. I did take a look at the woods after the cutting and found that the perimeter view was not harmed in any way. I appreciated this a great deal. The interior of the woods had organized trails to provide me with a path for cutting tops into firewood. And, you crew cleaned up the staging area.

Finally, when the detailed accounting of trees cut and the final check arrived, the amount of the check was significantly larger than I expected it to be. That was great news. It demonstrated your ability to accurately assess a bundle of unknown variables and communicate that uncertainty to me in a way that maintained my trust. Kudos to you and Pike Lumber!

-Aldis M. Knight

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